PAINTED FACES “Living and Eating Pizza in New York City” (NULL|Z0NE)

When I say limited edition cassette batch, you say “HEY!”


When I say limited edition cassette batch you say, “HO”!


“HEY!” à “HEY!”

“HO!” à “HO!”

OK, that’s enough. We can shout and raise our hands in the air until we’re blue in the face and our throats are raw and ravaged by our enthusiasm. But it’s not without merit, because that’s often the reaction I have to new NULL|Z0NE tapes, and this one here by Painted Faces is a ripper. David Drucker has been doing his freeform freakout thing for nigh on a decade, and Living and Eating Pizza in New York City, the first PF tape I’ve written about since Hermit of Bushwick on Already Dead (but not the first thing Drucker’s released since then), gets right down in it. Right down in the murk and the mire, right down in the frequencies and the tones, the ones that hover right there above the ground about an inch or two up, spread out like a sick fog.

I like that Painted Faces gets hit with the term “psychOdelic” in its press, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s certainly a trip and a half through Drucker’s mind, but it’s like you took the wrong acid and then fell in a swamp. But Drucker doesn’t care – he’s certainly just more interested in following whatever whim he has wherever it takes him, whether it’s to a bowl of soup or to an air conditioning unit stuck on “grind.” At any rate, it’s fascinating to follow him there, isn’t it? That’s what Living and Eating Pizza in New York City is all about. I think. Maybe it’s also about its titular subject, but who knows. I like pizza.

Btw, there are only 5 left of the edition of 10.