FOOTSTEP AND NOBODY “I Knifed My Way to a Diamond Pit” (self-released)

Giving new meaning to the term “blood diamonds” (or, er, are they?), Footstep and Nobody drop a fidgety little indie/post-punk tape on us called “I Knifed My Way to a Diamond Pit,” which is perhaps the greatest title an autobiography could ever have. I have no idea how autobiographical “IKMWTADP” actually is, but let’s hope the answer is “not really, at all, actually.” Still, the innovative streak stretches like a mineral vein from beginning to end, injecting the tunes with a wry intensity that belies the duo’s minimal approach. Kinda like Girls or a stripped-back Passenger Peru, the band’s songs wriggle and jump, then slow to a crawl, then dive back in, a dynamic shuck and jive that keeps the attention plastered to the boombox speakers. Just don’t go playing this tape in Sierra Leone! Seriously though, the blood diamond trade is a travesty of human rights violations that we must somehow put a halt to. Don’t buy blood diamonds!