BLUESHARP “Fieldwork Vol. 1: Rhymes from Powder Horns” (Permanent Nostalgia)


Like we


Existed here

But Bluesharp knows thehistory of here, where rats came and gnawed and understood in tiny pea brains too much to handle. Then they overloaded their circuits and burst outward like split-second supernovas. We watched them. We couldn’t help it, we didn’t know any better. But then the storms came and we huddled with the rats, and we were forced into understanding. Proximity, etc.

The storms ne’erended.

It’s like we found this manuscript behind the old dresser in the rundown house, and the more we read it, the more it becomes a historical account than a manuscript, like someone was in here and knew more about whatwashappening than they let on, and wrote about it. I wonder who that was? they were verruh brave

Six strings bring water from the well. It’s all there, all documented. Nobody’s probably gunna find us back here anymore anyway.