NERD PROCESSOR “a dumb fool loudly” C42 (Sister Cylinder)

First off – I love the name Nerd Processor. I love the title a dumb fool loudly. And I love the layout of this thing – how it all looks like a blueprint or a rough draft of an album cover before it takes shape as a streamlined whole.

Nerd Processor doesn’t want anything to do with a streamlined whole.

Instead, a dumb fool loudly is a celebration of the indie-est of indie rock, a throwback to C86 and lo-fi quirk rock that dotted cassette tape racks of the best record stores in the 1980s and early 1990s. I’m about to call Nerd Processor’s tunes “scrappy” tunes, but that also suggests a certain amateur quality that these songs certainly don’t possess. Instead, the “scrap” is intentional and fun, and gives these tracks a decidedly homespun charm that will win you over, over and over. In fact, repeat listens are required to catch all the elements. And I dare you to pick a favorite song – I bet it’ll be really hard to do.

Packing eleven songs into this release, the duo never runs out of ideas, and consistently explores the nooks and crannies of their idiom. The songwriting is meticulous, the mood is aloof and restrained, and the payoffs are cornucopiac. I just made that word up, like there’s a cornucopia of payoffs in a dumb fool loudly. I don’t know what that means either.

I do know you’ll enjoy every second of this tape!