SEFFI STARSHINE “Virtual Goddess” (Houdini Mansions)

Ambient vaporphonics fill the courtyard, and it’s all we can do to avert our eyes as the menagerie of classical sculptures comes to life, revealing the gods and goddesses trapped within. Seffi Starshine has freed them from their marble prisons. Their glory and aura fill space, overwhelming us human visitors.

Seffi Starshine walks among us, but is not one of us. Wielding aural power as only an immortal can, Seffi brings the enlightenment, guiding all who listen on a path toward infinite peace. “Virtual Goddess” is the record of Seffi’s ascension, an accompaniment of all molecules leaving earth for the great expanse. “Virtual Goddess” is the artifact left behind to guide us, to help us evolve in the right direction.

The mood in the courtyard dissipates, and gods and goddesses are once more encased in stone. Seffi Starshine is gone, never to return.