DOG DOG “Beware of the Dog Dog” C30 (Reserve Matinee)

I’m tempted to translate everything I say here into dog (“Arf, arf arf arf arf, arf arf”), but I’m not sure how many of you would get that. Plus, I’d have to do it twice: Dog Dog, twice twice. But despite the fact that Ed Stuparitz, the Dog Dog person, has dedicated this release “to everyone who’s filled my bowls & gone on walks with me” and has titled these tunes “Smell the Flowers” and “Ruff Stuff,” there’s very little dog-related action – frolicking, wagging, sniffing, drooling – on Beware of the Dog Dog. That’s probably fine. I like dogs, but not a whole tape of dog stuff.

Out of the gray fog trill synth runs, trickle ambient chords, wash sheets of static. It’s all very tender and heartfelt, perhaps a betrayal of Stuparitz’s frame of mind. Perhaps from the perspective of the dog, then, we’ll gather and report: an unceasing optimism? A drifting curiosity? Side B drops some rhythm, some definite melody, like a brilliant afternoon in a spring park chasing balls and Frisbees and smelling other dogs’ butts. Remember – dog perspective. There is nothing more generally enjoyable than cavorting in the sun, the smell of the grass in the air, the youthful pulse of adrenaline and blood and oxygen. Dog Dog connects the dots from animal to human and back again, and lives freely and genuinely in the space of understanding between pet and owner, and thus lays the foundation for that same understanding among human beings, one to another.