SVB “Disco Is Long Life” C23 (self-released)

What do you make of Sarah Van Buren, aka SVB? “Disco Is Long Life” begins with “Synergistic Energy Exchange,” wherein a super pitched-down voice intones verbiage like it’s Black Zone Myth Chant. Then the title track wafts on a gentle chillwave jam with SVB’s coo’d vocals trickling over its surface. The A-side thus completes itself. Side B has slow and gentle note hits that buoy SVB’s spoken word. It sort of morphs into “Same Old Blues,” which is a variation on Captain Beefheart’s take of J.J. Cale’s “I Got the Same Old Blues.” A little bit more propulsive, maybe, but still spoke/sung is “Mirror Soul,” which rounds out the tape. Disco drives nothing – it slips into the shadows and peeks, chastised, as darkness descends. SVB has swallowed disco and ejects it half digested.

So what do you make of SVB? I’ll say this: if you’re into dank journeys of downtrodden neon movement, then you might be into this one. It’s a short jaunt through darkened corridors where you’ll probably want to avoid being seen.