"Hair Clinic" C22

Max Nordile may or may not have set up a flash mob to improv with dedicatedly out of tune instruments in the middle of one of Chinatown’s six-way crosswalks during peak rush hour traffic. He then, possibly, moved the party on south two blocks to an underpass camp to better commit his mumble-fess'd transit-gressions amongst the rapt & swaddled, possessed & dispossessed. The possible chronology is suspect. 

The point is to make not a one hot lick 
o’ sense of sound or sensation, but many?
Know trumpets and crossing signals were herd
-ed in the making of this dis(t)reet recording.
Oakland has no sound problems having problems with sound 
solutions. (GRN + GNR = NRGX2)
"Fucking science”, indeed. 
Disorient yourself accordingly…


—Jacob An Kittenplan