DETIETI “Frogressive Punk” ([addicted label])

This isn’t as dumb as you think it might be, regardless of how you feel about something called Frogressive Punk or what a nine-minute intro track called “Cocaintro” (complete with rabid sniffing) does to your constitution. No, this is heavy prog, in Russian, with distinct elements of funk (oh, I guess the “F” in Frogressive and the “unk” in Punk sort of point to that). Think Zappa meets Fishbone; Living Color meets King Crimson; Yes meets the Chili Peppers. Actually, now that I’ve written that, I don’t feel like I’m selling it. But it’s still pretty entertaining, and at least the vocals are mostly spoken and quite spread out and in Russian, so they’re not nearly as annoying as they could be. The musicianship is absolutely top notch; I’d recommend giving these guys a try if you’re into any of the stuff I just said. Probably a lot of you are.

Still, it’s like listening to a cartoon.