AAA “Fruit” (Elestial Sound)

Recorded in 2014 and released two years down the road, “Fruit” by AAA is described as electronic, jazz, cool jazz and smooth jazz and, well, it’s all that but a bit more adventerous at times as well. AAA, which is in actuality is one Chris Szombathy, a Canadian, is well-versed with both synth technique and layering to create within each piece a flowing melody that never strays too far from the initial concept yet remains interesting.

The ten tracks are all complimentary, but not derivative of each other. The production is excellent as is the packaging which is a jewel case with a multi-page full color j-card insert. This tape comes from Elestial Sound, an artist cooperative label based in Florida with a number of releases to their credit-and is only available in cassette and digital download formats.

For those who enjoy this style of music, this comes highly recommended.

-- Bob Zilli