(Pizza Tape Records)

Strangely enough, this band is out of Nashville, Tennessee. Goosebumps by Boyscott is an incredible combination of surf, pop, and psychedelia. I can’t say enough good things about this album.

Boyscott is really just a one-man band started by Scott Hermo. He even wrote most of these songs while still in high school which makes me even more upset with how amazing it is. Back in high school I could hardly even finish writing my terrible three-minute acoustic love songs.

This album is the joy of summer while still remaining deep and heartfelt. The jangly choruses with such crispy, twangy lead guitars would be enough to bring a tear to Brian Wilson’s eye. This album really makes me want to go down to the lake back in the 80s and get some ice cream. Favorite Track: Embarrassingly Enough.


- Garrett Douglas