BURNET207 "Inter" (Jacktone Records)

This music at first glance jumps out and asks "whats my appeal..". Precision controlled electronic parts evocative of Kraftwerk, Drexciya, or even Yellow Magic Orchestra; with an element of elegant simplicity and a spotless melodic approach, artist burnet207's 2016 Jacktone Record's release is sadly SOLD out.

Track after track, this lit me up! Post-futurist, melodically diverse; harmonically unpredictable electronic tracks. The programming on this record seems light years ahead, with an ambiguity of how each part was being created with numerous different sounding keyboard, drum, and bass parts jamming in tandem counterpoint.

So if you're looking to blast into a distant future with some sophsticated tantric grooves Inter might be for you. Still available to listen to on bandcamp...


--"Jamband" Josh Brown