"Become the Earth"
(Already Dead Tapes)

A really solid fine piece of black metal/punk crossover craftsmanship here from Pyrolatrous ... Excellent use of metal typography, with the band's name just legible enough while remaining enigmatic, cryptic and menacing. There is also phenomenal use of symmetry and geometry as the text resolves around a silhouetted circular sphere that mirrors itself with radiating abstract lines that reinforce the gnarled nature of the text.

While the remaining text of the cassette design is more classic, an Olde English font commonly found within the photoshop font presets, the old proverb fits here; "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

While you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, the graphic design of the cassette is representative of the music inside; two metal sonic blasters that bring home the bacon, get your head banging while you occasionally stroke your professorial goatee. This is some thinking man's metal, with influences all over the aggressive music spectrum.

Side A, "Become the Earth", is the dominant track here, although this is not to lay blame of the Side B, which is totally slaying and epic, but suffers from less dynamic tempos; the blast beats blend into one another more on side B, where as the shifting beats and Tempos of side A feel more cut and paste, thus being more disorienting, hence more metal.

But really, I'm slicing hairs here. This 2 song appetizer is just the thing to get your motorcycle rally, Satanic Seance, horror movie marathon ice breaker, or whatever transgression of your choice, ... goin'!

Fans of Motorhead, Liturgy, Horrendous, Candlemass, ... perhaps even those of you who dabble on the heavier side of prog (???) will love this ... You get the picture. Enjoy!