CHINO AMOBI “Paradiso”

Chino Amobi juxtaposes somewhat simple electronic music with seemingly stock sound recordings, such as glass breaking and cars passing by along with a stew of other recordings to create the semi non-fictional world and album “Paradiso” (although Paradiso itself is probably anything you’d like to interpret it to be). Subtle non-musical changes in the tracks provokes you to listen to the music in a non conventional context at times. The album is a blend of a lot of musical stylings and particular recordings, for instance the starting track is spoken word poetry with the sound of an ominous storm in the background. Spoken word, singing, stock sound recordings, electronica, rapping, fake radio promotions, the combination of these particular juxtapositions throughout this album reinforce Amobi's art background being applied to music for “Paradiso”.

--Lucas Martinez