“I’m Even Younger Now”

Graham Repulski – unabashed Phillies fan (probably, he’s from Philly), just like me, your favorite talking cartoon dog … I mean music writer – is seriously like the greatest lo-fi indie rocker going today. It’s not close, folks – I mean, Bob Pollard’s gotta be sixty by now, right? Repulski has Pollard’s flag, and he’s charging up the mountain to plant it at its peak. But wait – that’s not “Ol’ Dayton” Repulski’s got! That’s his own damn flag! And his legs are moving really fast! Well, if Repulski’s gonna start tossing out cassette releases left and right like parade participants toss candy to onlookers, then we’re obliged to cover every last one. Because that’s what I’m Even Younger Now is, fifteen tracks of blasted-out pop tunage recorded to Dictaphone or something. As he’s wont to do, Repulski heaves the artifacts unceremoniously in your general direction until you pay attention for once, and I’m here to continue that heaving with my words, because you really should pay attention. Do you like catchy rock and roll songs? Do you like them formed effortlessly, recorded quickly, and released with abandon before their creator moves on to the next project? Are you a fine, independent person who just “gets it”? Then Graham Repulski’s your man, and you should be blaring I’m Even Younger Now from the tape deck of your two-door Honda Accord. Who says 200,000 miles on a car is a pipe dream?

Graham Repulski Bandcamp page – holy crud, so many releases!

--Ryan Masteller