This is the second of three releases from Berklee grad Collin Russell. Russell, who now works as Director of Technical Support at Qu-Bit-a California based modular synth manufacturer; created this album using “recorded and synthesized audio to create an ambience that transforms the listeners perspective…” The end result is a unique slice of electronica.

Russell modestly understates his role in all this. Sure, he used tones generated by the set-up but it was the human element that had the final say on what was and wasn't "appropriate" for release. He has an exemplary knowledge of the gear, of course; but he also has an ear for what works and what doesn't. It would be interesting to know how many bits were not used in the production of this tape.

All said, it's a phenomenal journey he takes the listener on and having declared that-I must say this is one of the finest electronica tapes I've heard, regardless of how he chose to attain the end result. The tape is of a limited, numbered edition of 100 and comes with download card. It is housed in a nice O-card sleeve.

-- Bob Zilli