LA FORÊT ROUGE “Hygiénique et noble” C37 (Small Scale Music)

Go ahead, La Forêt Rouge, you Montrealers just sit up there beyond our northern border and hock metaphorical loogies of scorn in our direction, us Americaners. I mean, Hygenic and Noble? Really? That’s what Hygiénique et noble means, and don’t think I don’t get the reference to our healthcare situation down yonder. Yes, it would be nice to have healthcare for all, and sure, it would be just swell if our women and poor, you know, probably the people who need it most, could get some semblance of affordable health insurance, but you know what today is? Today is the Bud Light afterparty (or not, actually) of our “government” at work, where we the people are stripped of human rights and sentenced to an existence based on hopes and dreams – as in, hope I don’t get sick, and, I dream of a time when that bike accident didn’t happen because I can’t afford to have my leg fixed and I’m a bike messenger, oh noes…

Motherfucking IRONY!

Or, maybe, you’re here to take our mind off of the hilarious and hilariously awful House of 1000 Corpses torture chamber our lives here have become, and banishing Dr. Satan is your foremost mission with your music and your positive outlook. Isn’t it true that a spirit of holy improvisation summons benevolent spirits? I think I read that somewhere, maybe a comic book. But still, it’s a good thing your music has all the healing capabilities that a Johns Hopkins–educated physician does – and for only six measly dollars! Hygiénique et noble is essentially the vanguard of Canadian fusion, at times frizzing itself out into Sonny Sharrock territory, but mostly puttering around the old workshop intent on discovering every sonic nook and cranny that the four-piece can infiltrate with their imaginations. Live improvisation doesn’t always sound this adventurous, but when it does, it often comes from La Forêt Rouge. Oh, didn’t you know? I reviewed them once before, gave ’em an ol’ positive reaction right here in these hallowed electronic pages. Doing it again here. Well, except for calling them out for their smug Canadian-ness. Which, come to think of it, is all America ever does, so, … we deserve it? But not this leadership. Fuck us.

And then I think of the people of the Global South… Oh boy. Perspective. Jesus.

--Ryan Masteller