“Marehelm” C40 (Cosmic Winnetou)

Dark zoners.

Marehelm is a mysterious lad or lass from Denmark, and its self-titled C40 on Günter Schlienz’s Cosmic Winnetou is a bad trip/good trip, as read with the idea of bad com/good cop in mind, meaning that “bad trip” spirals you down the emotional drain until “good trip” comes and rescues you with a bit of nostalgia and longing. Deft transitions? You betcha. These three tracks shift back and forth in mood, often upon a single note. The atmosphere wavers within the sonic worlds, which often come across as ambient incidental passages for exploratory video games, action taking place in the dark, where a secret or a memory is about to be uncovered. Get ready for a cut scene at any moment! The track titles are as mysterious as the artist, as “Ryst,” “B.N.,” and “Ovre” suggest meaning without getting all overexplanatory. The result is often gorgeous, even in such a subdued state, and it’s easy to get lost in. Highly recommended to set a tone of late-night noir role play.

Zoning darkly.


--Ryan Masteller