"Pyrrhic Fortunes”
(Dead Tank Records / Popnihil)SEVERED + SAID

Oh, this is electronica alright. Dark and menacing electronica. Movie soundtrack stuf. Scary movie soundtrack stuff. This tape begins the assault with “Error Unknown” which has a drone effect layered with various synth ornamentations and manages to keep its musical tentacles reaching out for just over seven minutes. The remaining two tracks on the first side are equally suspenseful, though running a shorter duration.

Side two opens with “Secret Master II” (There is a “Secret Master I” on the first side) which features low pitched droning and a synth drum accompanied by various other electronica/noise contributions. The tape ends with the title track which, with multi-layered tracking, builds to a frenzied climax, several times-appropriate for a closer.

This release was recorded and engineered by Jeremiah Johnson and the artist. The vocal on “Pyrrhic Fortunes” is done by Electric Petal. It comes in a jewel case with a full color j-card but not a lot of information.

The saving grace here is the e.p. length as this format works well for this style of music. A full length album might have been too much. This artist (he, she, they?) are good at what they do and if you’re inclined toward this direction, then by all means get this one.

-- Bob Zilli