(Reflective Tapes)

From New Hampshire we have this three piece (Shayla, Nate and Zack) Heavy Pockets with this tape offering titled “Mopeless.” Fourteen songs and they’re all blasts with amps on eleven,

but somehow it works. “Circadian Schism,” a powerful indie rocker with hints of everybody, leads off the tape and is followed by “Ex Pat” and “We” which keep things at high energy. Only the stop-start of the jingling “Lacking” hints at things letting up, but no-even that one bursts into a fury.

“Love Song,” the single, is more power pop (and the best song on the collection) than anything else heard before it and opens the door to an exhibition of more influences meaning everything from folk-rock to The Shoes and Cheap Trick.

As the tape progresses (meaning Side Two) not only does the energy tone down but it’s clear they put all the better stuff at the front end of this album. Not an unusual tactic, admittedly, but maybe a little more obvious here than with most. That said, the songs throughout are all strong and it makes for an great listen. My only complaint is that in the heavier songs, the vocals are mixed into the sound as opposed to being on top, even just a bit.

There is a bit of a buzz on this band right now. The album version was released by Dead Broke and they have garnered a fair amount of press. Might be a good time to grab up one of these homemade tapes for a measly five bucks while you still can.


-- Bob Zilli