(Hollow Home Ministries)

Sometimes harrowing, at others transcendent, the five-piece knob-twiddling maestros known as the Girls of Slender Means, named after the novel by Scottish author Muriel Spark (which I’m now going to have to read, thanks a lot for extending my book list even further than I have time for), fiddle with the titular instrument throughout a multitude of interesting permutations. A quick perusal (that’s all you’ll get regardless) of the Hollow Home Ministries tumblr page reveals that this release was announced on December 9, 2011. In fact, the last entry on that tumbr is four years old. So, I guess you guys probably missed out, but feel free to electronically contact the label at to see if someone answers and if they still have more of these tapes. Did this one get buried somewhere? It’s utterly fascinating – noise meets kosmische, straight up synthesizer dirt, all the way, till you can’t stand hearing any other sound except for this one. Please. Synthesizer is filling my body with unfamiliar pulses. I am at its full mercy. Don’t bother sending help, I’m fine – maybe pizza. Send pizza.

Hollow Home Ministries

--Ryan Masteller