FUTURE APE TAPES “Camouflage Music” C50 (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

“The Future Ape Tapes need another release from the Future Ape Tapes,” so says “Release,” the inaugural song to Future Ape Tapes’ inaugural release on \\NULL|ZØNE//. As we enter this ouroboros situation, where the ape eats its tail somehow, and we suffer the consequences (apes can’t bend like that…), I am reminded that the Future Ape Tapes do not live in an insular world where their output is considered and consumed by Future Ape Tapes alone. There is an external existence where we are, we listeners, and we are confused and frightened by the sentiments of “Release.” The world needs another release from the Future Ape Tapes, don’t you see?

Camouflage Music is music hidden in plain sight. The requisite sonic barfage is whirled into terrifying maelstrom of experimentation, googly-eyed synths and samples colliding with live instrumentation and vocal-processing gymnastics that barrel toward the end of the runtime with overt disregard for bystanders. Plain sight? Squint and you glimpse a pop hit, a “Dry the Rain” High Fidelity gag that propels every basement-dwelling sonic scientist to the fore of popular imagination. But Future Ape Tapes are exactly that – the future. The present isn’t ready, save for the 25 or so of you lucky enough to score the physical artifact, or the 800 or so others dropping hard cash on digital files. We are all experiencing the milk of human indifference through Camouflage Music, an indifference to the unfortunate human condition that the Ape Tapes are reflecting, and that indifference will be our downfall. Hail the future – may it come sooner than we hope.


--Ryan Masteller