POACHER “Veterans Day” (Freak Machine)

Heavily industrialized electronics and musique concrete meet the actual American holiday of Veterans Day, presumably with a sense of commentary of some kind. Open your imagination and let the vulgarity overwhelm it. Harsh noise of constant battle sometimes gives way to speeches, sometimes “The Star Spangled Banner.” Terrifying in its mulching of modern constructs, tangible in its thick, desperate, and violent preparation. Is that gunfire?! Jeez. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep anymore. Not just tonight, I mean anymore. I don’t know if there’s any possibility of coming back from VETERANS DAY, from Poacher, from wherever the crap Belchertown is (Pioneer Valley of Western, MA -editor). There’s probably an armed militia group waiting there somewhere for Poacher, and maybe now somewhere for me too. Oh man, I hope not!

Oh, wait, the commentary is how we’re going straight down the toilet. All of us. Look at this beautiful, wretched grave we’ve dug!

--Ryan Masteller