(Tape Du Jour)

I don’t know about the other reviewers here, but most of what I get is electronica. Given that, I’ve developed quite a taste for it and feel that as a result I’m better able to discern the distinctions much better than when I started. So thanks, Cassette Gods!

This is electronic but with a heavy influence of soundtrack stylings and even smooth jazz which, in this case, makes for a very listenable experience. The tape is very well recorded, in fact one of the best sounding (fidelity wise) tapes I’ve heard come through here yet.

Mustapha Biere (Mathew Greasley) is a UK based multi-media artist and musician with several releases to his credit. There are only 25 of these tapes (and I have one) which were duplicated real-time unto TDK tape. The insert is on nice linen paper, with artwork by Ben Holmes. Purchasing the tape allows you unlimited streaming via bandcamp. It’s a nice package, but you better hurry over to Bandcamp if you want one.

-- Bob Zilli