Dogbreth/Falsetto Boy - Buzz Ballads (Snorin' Desert)

    If I was good at any sort of extreme sport I would really love to hit the surf, mountain, or concrete while listening to the jams on this Dogbreth/Falsetto Boy split “Buzz Ballads”. For me the tracks on this split from both bands nod to Promise Ring, and sometimes sound a bit like a more straightforward Pavement. This little CS just came out on a new tape label out of Phoenix,AZ cleverly called “Snorin’ Desert”. The A-side is the Falsetto Boy side and the B-side is the Dogbreth side.

    The Falsetto Boy side is riddled with sad melancholy fast paced pop punk jammers. I like it a lot. It reminds me of some early lo-fi less bass heavy Japanther. The pace of this bands side is really nice, as it is a progression from fast to slow. Exciting to chill, you know what I mean.

    The Dogbreth side seems a bit deeper than the ladder. The music itself for me is more compelling and the lyrics are fun, quirky, and pretty straightforward with some metaphors here and there. There are some cool solos, I like the one on “To be a Dog”, and it’s probably my favorite track on this split! Stir Sticks, is also an amazing guitar and bass whirlwind that I am sure is amazing live. You can envision the kids wigging out over this one.

    The packaging is straightforward and is definitely a nod to punk demos of the 80’s and 90’s. There is a nice llama on the front, he looks pretty confident. Overall this is a nice tape to add to the collection that deserves more than one go around. 

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