Tuggboat - NuMeddle (Snorin' Desert)

    Tuggboat is the solo project of Seattle Washington’s Nick Shively, and this debut little four song EP “NuMeddle” out on Snorin’ Desert is far from new metal. This is some pretty solid pop music bordering on 90’s emo, with occasional experimental elements scattered throughout. Think of bands like Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips, turn them into solo projects and make them a bit more guitar driven with more melancholy lyrics and you have this little jammer. Recording wise this sounds really well done and I like the songs and would like to hear more.

    The J card printing is clear and the credits are there.On the cover Shively is covered in pink goo in a bathtub. For some reason the pink residue reminds me of that new Battles cover. Either way this collection of “Nu” songs is pretty solid and available for purchase on cassette upon request and is up for free download on Tuggboat’s bandcamp! Another solid release from Snorin' Desert.

Buy and Listen HERE!