The Lost & Found Sound (Time Lapse/ I Had An Accident)

    The sound gurgles along; leaving whatever is in its way behind. These sounds are so sure of themselves. They keep building up and moving away, constantly multiplying before they splay out into the tonal universe. I’d imagine this is what raising a child might feel like if you sped it up by x1000. While you stay the same they forever grow and you see them still, but in a different way each time. I think this is most compelling thing about the music that “The Lost & Found Sound” (Stacy Stephens) creates.

    While a lot of electronic music seeks to deal with the ephemeral and time, it doesn’t always hit the nail on the head. The threshold that has to be reached to push a listener over is very specific and to me most people fall short of this mark. However, Stephens does a remarkable job of placing the listener in deep thought. Of the two he sent me I listened to “All Day Déjà Vu” out on (I HAD AN ACCIDENT) more than I listened to his split with Walter Gross out on (Time Lapse). This was not because one is better than the other, but because All Day Deja Vu is more of a complete piece. Stephens doesn’t hold back on this one. He goes straight into the deepest chasm and lets you float wherever you feel. Either way you could get stuck in this music forever.

    Packaging wise these tapes look pretty solid, your standard case and j card set up. I prefer the aesthetic of the split to the solo work. A great addition to a collection for any electronic noise addict, the labels have sold out but Stephens still has some copies left over on his personal bandcamp! 

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