Monsturo - CTS14 (Monorail Trespassing)

    Monsturo is composer and experimental performer David Rothbaum. It is said that this tape “CTS14” is made on a modular synthesizer. While I do believe it was, it is pretty interesting how patient he is with his machinery. One doesn’t hear the typical Wendy Carlos/Blade Runner approach that most modular synthesizer performers bring to the table while listening to this tape. Instead on this tape the listener must bask in the faint light that Rothbaum brings out from the tones on this tape. Imagine you're trapped somewhere and light only peaks in through holes in a steel door, but that light is what keeps you sane and it becomes what you cherish most. While it may seem like a test of endurance at times this Monorail Trespassing release I feel is meant to put you in a different state of mind and pull out the meditative side of the listener.

    All in all the tape looks solid and follows in the layout of previous monorail tapes. It looks good and is worth picking up if you are ready for it!

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