LANTERN "Burned Youth" C32 (NIght People)

I had a more warm to lukewarm feeling about the first Lantern tape on Night People, but this one shows great improvement over it's predecessor.  So much so that I think "Burned Youth" should qualify as the band's first LP.  Before I was getting more of a hard rock meets sort of psych jamming, this new tape takes things down a notch and embellishes it with some folksy touches.  There's some hypnotic space rock jamming on the B side, but the whole thing is held together on the strength of the 9 songs.  Listen or buy from Lantern here.  Night People website here.

Label description:

Lantern return with a 2nd tape release for Night-People this time in the form of a reissue of a tour only cassette called Burned Youth that highlights the bands evolution over the course of 2009-2011*. Despite being a bit of a retrospective Burned Youth feels very whole, considered and complete. The fidelity of the recordings are actually a bit more hi-fi overall then the recent NP tape "Stranger I Come/Stranger I Leave". The destroyed pysched out proto punk (Stooges/Denudes) inspired squall of that release isn't really present on this more archival material. At the point of these recordings Lantern seemed to be approaching things from a more Texas/Delta blues and "Their Satanic Majesties" era Stones influence with a good bit of Texas Garage Psych thrown in the mix ala the Elevators and "Parable of Arable" Red Krayola. This is really good catchy fun music regardless and feels like its own take on classic rock n" roll aesthetics. Artwork by Shawn Reed. 

*Improvement through time travel apparently.