Okay here's another batch of capsule reviews from my months old backlog of submissions.  I wish I'd gotten to this stuff sooner, as some of it is sold out by now (probably, maybe, definitely).

Welcome Back Sailors "(Love) That's All" C24 (Crash Symbols) - at first I wasn't sure, but this is a really enjoyable slice of electro pop.  Tape is sold out, but you can listen here.

ITHI "Within" (Land Of Decay) CS - pretty good set of gothy kind of keyboard noise that everyone loves to make.  Guy sings low, pulsing industrial beats, you get the idea. It's well made for sure, but there's so much of this out there nowadays.  Still, you really might like it.  It's definitely not bad. One of the guys is in Servile Sect (next review). Band / Label

Servile Sect "Demos 2005/2006" (Land Of Decay) CS - well listening to this makes me like the Ithi tape a lot more.  This is like that but without the songs to act as glue.  I'm going back into my cavern now. Artist website.  Still you might want to check out the Land of Decay label if you're into this sort of dark drone stuff (link above in Ithi review).