SMARTY "Super Android" C43 (Self Released)

This is the kind of autistic rap music I wish people would make more often.  Correction: this is the kind of autistic rap music people make in my nightmares. "Super Android," Smarty's first tape, sounds like what all the kids will be listening to in 2033.  You see, by that point we're all going to be physically deformed and mentally challenged, but our access to technology will have increased tenfold from it's dangerously high current levels.  Mutants, like the lady behind this tape, will huddle in their conapts, covered in kibble, reading their homeopapes and channeling god knows what kind of perverted obsessions into their digitunes.  Well, pull out your mood organ and set it to "sexy dance party," cause Smarty is like M.I.A. on bath salts, and I should know because of taken LOTS of bath salts.  Very unique stuff going on here and we're left with something that will please even the surliest of miners in the off-world colonies. Stream or download the whole album here, but you should order the tape proper (from same site) because it's got amazing double sided full color fold-out artwork. See: