Lunar Miasma - Observing The Universe (Moon Glyph)

The Ancient Greeks were amongst the first to study the stars. Hell, Archimedes helped Eratosthenes calculate the circumference of the Earth and Eratosthenes himself was said to have the ability calculate the Earth’s distance from the Sun and Moon which back then was pretty hard to do. Anyhow, the Greeks are still studying the stars to this day. Panos Alexiadis aka Lunar Miasma is a composer currently living in Athens, Greece making the most beautiful synthesizer music.

Lush tones explore the void in which asteroids and comets whizz around into the infinite abyss. A slow tour past Jupiter’s red spot, this release is very celestial and makes nods to Gustav Holst’s, The Planets as well as the work of Wendy Carlos. What does Mars really look like? How does it feel to be aboard a spaceship peering out into the infinite? Where does one go from there?

All are questions that arise in the beautiful synth epic “Observing The Universe”. Once again Moon Glyph releases a classic for stargazers to gaze to. 

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