It Is Rain In My Face - s/t (DZ TAPES)

Tripping into the future, I find myself listening to more and more sample based music. Like with other music genres I like some of it more than others. At times I find it un dynamic and sometimes it can be hard for this kind of music to take me to the next level. However, if it’s done right it’s pretty easy to get lost in. On “It Is Rain In My Face’s” self titled release from DZ tapes you get to walk on the better side of a copyright blurred line.

Guitar, claps, vocals, sequencers, and everything else runs around on this electronica, folk, computer music, swirl. Data goes in an out of your ears and everything seems broken but somehow sequential, it sounds like someone wrote a bunch of songs and then chopped and screwed their own tracks and then presented what had been screwed as the final project. This music to me sounds like an audio diary of entries from different places around the globe. At times you feel a world music influence mixed with some good 80’s vibes. At other times this feels like Air France mixed with Kings of Convenience, which when you think about it sounds pretty odd, it’s not. This stuff is really listenable and good for any hangout session.

My main issue with this tape is how long it is, it feels like it could be two releases, also it is pretty stiff at times and it feels more like a grip of singles rather than an album. The tape looks good and sort of cartoony. It sounds quality and is pro dubbed, totally worth picking up if you want to relax and bust out a few beers with some buds! 

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