Spooky Moon/Blake Mandrayk - "split" (Teen River)

If Syd Barrett had lead Pink Floyd after the 80s I'm almost certain it would have sounded like Spooky Moon. He (Spooky M.) doesn't have that British whimsy Lewis Carroll shit down, but he is wonderfully lysergic and that makes for a good side of tape listening. Every tune here swims in the hazy afterglow of psychedelics. The vocals are lovingly dipped in reverb, the guitars phase & fuzz appropriately, and the overall sensation is that of watching the sunrise after many laborious hours awake. I look forward to hearing new music from this artist soon. For starters just buy the damn tape, but if you must sample a tune online, I would stream "Howlin (Maggot Mouth)" because it has a great rhythm and the vocals are woozy enough to hit the spot. Not to mention the buzzing lil keyboard sound underneath it all. The tune actually reminds me of the Flaming Lips. Excellente!

Blake Mandrayk's side of this split is one long medley of guitar-centric tunes titled "Peacemaker." Imagine an electric Jandek album if it was played more traditionally. That might be close. Mandrayk's wobbly leads and arpeggios support distant minimal vocalizing. I can't tell if I'm in a dream world or listening to a soundtrack for a indie film starring Will Oldham. The sixteen minutes float by and when the tape stops one might wonder what the hell just happened to them. I don't have any answers and neither does Mandrayk, but his music is a good foil for Spooky Moon's more "band" oriented trip. Recommended for the tie-dye sandals and bearded freak philosopher in yr family...

PS - I interviewed the man behind the TR label and our chat will be posted in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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