Dragons/Dogbreth Split (Tagobella)

Dragons and Dogbreth are two Arizona bands that are full of punk moods, good vibes, and strong feelings. Both bands have pretty pop punk origins but on this split from Arizona Cassette label Tagobella both bands push beyond the punk niche into something entirely different.

The Dragons half on this tape shows remarkable pop sensibilities mixed with jazzy guitar and vocal moans. At times this even reminds me of that first Vampire Weekend release. Pop bordering on tropical tones, fast but not furious. Good vibes and vocal harmonies, the songs on this split prove the versatility of this Flagstaff punk band.

The Dogbreth half of this tape shows the blossoming dark side of the band, steering away from their usual sound. This is a move in the right direction, the band adds shoegaze elements and Jemsek’s vocal styling is noticeably stronger and different on these two songs. These songs are thicker than before but stick to the love song structure that Dogbreth pull off so well! This band is growing and going places, RAD!

The tape has a simple Xerox j card, no label, and sounds pretty good, they put all the songs on both sides, which is fine. I am not always a fan of that because it steers the listener away from interacting with the tape itself. Either way this is a solid release worth picking up! 

Listen HERE

Buy this tape form the bands on their west coast tour starting today!!!!