Dominic Pierce - "West" (Already Dead Tapes)

Go west young man. Well, there aint no west no more. The Internet is the wild west now, a lawless land of wheeling & dealing and making it up as you go along. The Internet is also responsible for driving many of us to the plastic imperfections of the cassette. Dominic Pierce's new album titled West is the soundtrack tape to a film of young scruffs driving sleepless towards the Golden Gate Bridge looking for something that can't be found. Pierce's album is well-produced and well-performed, but it's missing something for me. Vocals. These compositions are close to being backing tracks for actual songs. Gimme some croaking empathetic rock singing! My complaints are my own obviously so Mr. Pierce will probably be glad to note that this reviewer enjoys his soundtrack for a montage scene that doesn't exist, but hopes for more in the future. "Colorful Skeptic" is a tune that represents every other piece on the tape with its acoustic guitar, electronic beats, and keyboard sprinkles. One of the nice things about this album are the guitars. I don't hear too many shimmering guitar parts, but damn if some non-shitty singer delivered on top of these tracks, we just might have something. For now, I can safely recommend Dominic Pierce's tape for long car rides out of town - away from the familiar hangouts of yesterday to the unknown temptations of tomorrow.  

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