Shivering Window - Inner-Exo (Juniper Tree Songs)

    Sometimes in the summer it’s too hot to go outside. The yellow tint of the sun pours through the blinds and soaks the carpet. On, “Inner-Exo” by Shivering Window I feel like the music was made while isolated in a desolate summer hole.  It’s really bright and intensely lo-fi. Fuzz rolls over every inch of the tape, even over the tape fuzz! I just picture an empty suburban house with nothing but an amp, pedals, and a man tearing it up in an empty white walled living room. I would absolutely associate this music with the color orange. Did I mention it is also the first release on a cool new tape label out of California called “Juniper Tree Songs”? Anyhow, there are some songs I really like on this tape.

    My two favorite tracks are “Pretty Creepers” which has a clearly defined hook and is really relaxing but constantly on edge and despite its pop structure feels very mobile and alive. This slam is the kind you turn up really loud in your car and scream to yourself when no one else is around. The other track I like is “Even God’s Lowliest Creatures Want Love”, which is an appropriate ending to the tape. It’s another morose little pop song with some feeling a great summer jam as well. Hit the beach with this stuff it's sure to keep you going and serve up the appropriate amount of Vitamin-D.

    Physically the tape is really nice, it’s pro dubbed and the art looks pretty solid, it’s got a printed collage cover and a nice orange spine. However, with this tape it’s all about the jams, which I feel surpass the artwork tenfold.   

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