Dragons - Feel This (Morning *)

    In dank basements all over the country there are guys and girls getting’ wild to great guitar music. The room starts to smell like seawater because of all the sweaty people getting crazy. It’s only appropriate though because we are all riding the great big waves resonating from reverb-laden speakers. One of my favorite contemporary surf, garage, and pop bands that I am nuts about is Flagstaff, Arizona’s Dragons.

    I’ve seen this band a couple of times and their music is super compelling. While a punk influence is obvious, this band doesn’t fall into a place where their music feels predictable. These guys are super fun and at times their music reminds me of bands like Kickball and a more laid back Chinese Stars. Their debut tape “Feel This” which is out on the infamous Flagstaff label (Morning *) is a six song EP of infectious surf pop songs. These songs are melancholy, wild, and fun my favorite being the last slam on the z-side called, “Family and Friends’. There is also a video for this song online too!

    While I don’t know if you can even buy this tape on the net, it is pro dubbed and the insert is pretty punk looking. However, you can snag this release for free digitally from the band’s bandcamp! 

Listen Here!