Jason Lescalleet - How To Not Do It (Chondritic Sound)

    While I was on tour I swung through Vacation Vinyl in LA and picked up some tapes put out by LA based label “Chondritic Sound”. The tape that stood out to me the most was Jason Lescalleet’s “How To Not Do It”. Lescalleet isn’t your typical noise guy. I would say he is in an elite class of sound manipulators. The way he works stereo and his ability to operate tape machines and analog synthesizers to create luscious and vivid soundscapes is unlike anything else I have heard before. On this tape you are walked through conversations panning back and fourth between multiple people. Quiet eerie breathing looms over the setting of what seems to be some sort of aquatic wasteland. This tape is scary but if you dive into absolute meditation it is mind bending. You can see the tungsten lit poolside grass and see the Spanish women discussing personal matters while ghosts of the lost loom beside them. A man then gives a monologue about the cost of his rent, and the dreamscape continues until you are soaked and completely involved in this one! 

    Needless to say, this tape is haunting, and creates visions that even the most talented of visual artists cannot create. Hell, the tape is even physically beautiful; it’s burnt sienna with blue speckled paint and has a really nice gold card stock with green print j card. It’s a must have for any tape collector. If you are into experimental music or not you have to get this piece of art!

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