Submissions s/t (Skrot Up)

    Submissions are a band that is hard to grasp. While they aren’t all over the place, their influences seem to be. A lot of the time it sounds like a noise pop band, but it also sounds goth influenced, but then it sounds like a band that saw a krautrock documentary and is into Wavves. It’s pretty confusing to say the least. It even at times just sounds like Joy Division or some other band that sounds like Joy Division. I don’t dislike this tape, but I guess I just have a huge difficulty concentrating on the music. Which could be the most interesting thing about these jams!

    To say the least, this stuff is pretty dark and heavy, which sounds great on tape! It even gets really psychedelic at times and gets you going. The tape looks solid; most stuff on Danish label Skrot Up looks great. It’s got a nice cardstock J Card, and is faux Xeroxed which is pretty interesting. In the end, this band is worth checking out I guess. One of the members is in Best Coast and the others are in German Army. Tight! 

Listen HERE