ABRADE / BAKA YARO / NUCLEAR DAWN / SMG 4-way split (Noise Infection Music #2)

"A FUCKING DESTRUCTION OF MELODIC WIMPS!!!" (insert xerox photo of the Pope) "THIS TAPE WILL SMASH YOUR WEAK EARS!!!" ...hell yeah, it might not be as "noise" as it claims, like any grindcore and punk slogans as usual, but that's part of the fun and tradition I guess, to seem wild and totally out of control! This tape is really fun and a firm disciple of DIY's unconditional friend. "ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHTS: COPY THIS TAPE NOW!!" ...tape trading in the midst of 21st century mp3 oceans, such a strange and confusing sentiment, but somehow it maintains a soft spot in my heart, even though tapes = more garbage made/on Earth, and mp3's = not physical clutter... ANYWAY... ABRADE = intense high-energy grindcore from Chicago. They're comparable to bands like Magrudergrind and I'd recommend grabbing anything by Abrade you can find if you really love current grindcore that is not screamo in disguise. Hentai Lacerator played with them in Chi on Saint Patrick's day 2007 in a basement and it was an awesome time, very youthful and for-the-moment, the spirit of true hxc. BAKA YARO = fast intense crusty hardcore from Slovenia!!! Fucking hell, Dylan who does these tapes gets people from all over. He traded me this other noisecore tape of a band from Romania! Can't recall the name at the moment... Baka Yaro is high energy music with statements like "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" audible in between. Call me PC, but that seems like a fucking good thing to say through music or anything else!!! NUCLEAR DAWN = I love Nuclear Dawn. Brutally awesome animal rights themed noisy grindcore duo from Columbus Ohio, this time with songs like "Incarcerated By Employment", "Fuck Celebrities", and "AS IF COMPASSION WERE A LAUGHABLE QUALITY TO HAVE" - if you love fun and awesome grindcore, seriously look these guys up. If you are into music that's about radical ideas, especially anything similar to those of the A.L.F. - this is a band to get down with. SMG = The band is from Malaysia! They play super fast and muddy hxc/grind, totally desperate and wrenching, but with periodic breakdowns to string everything together. I'd like to find more from SMG sometime. I got this tape in 2007 from Dylan, but I think his contact has changed since then. I guess he is living in Spain right now! Try him at dylantaylorlehman@hotmail.com and definitely look up these bands!!! ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08