PORTLAND "volumes 3-5" c20 (Below PDX)

I got this tape from james squeeky when Argumentix rolled through town, he played a great set of almost industrial music, at once totally intimidating and fierce while maintaining a certain playfulness that made the music that much more approachable. After the set we traded some tapes (bummed i didn't get the invisible scratch picklz bootleg tape) and i've barely craked the stack.

This tape is an edited down tape of apparently three volumes of field recordings of the bright and beautiful city of portland, oregon. The first side is a swiftly paced collage of somewhat standard city sounds, traffic, walking, passerby's conversation, crosswalk, bus engines etc, it's editing is smooth and never gets to minimal or intense. While the second side is a little more 'noisy' with actual instruments clinking around, maybe it's before a show or he walked into a practice space or tripped in the dark over a cymbal?

I feel like i've known a healthy number of people in my life that want to (or do) move to portland because they think it's an oasis of punk and beauty, so this tape is nice to hear foot on pavement, the scanner at the grocery store and the sound of some dude jabbering in the back ground. But still, maybe that proves the point of PDX being a noise heaven, even the street is a noise show! ha!

Black and white cover on vellum, yellow tape. Edition of 38
still available at: