THE BREAKS (2004 demo)

Fuck yeah, talking about tapes that have cool memories attached... I got this from The Breaks at the beginning of my first Realicide tour, solo, the Summer of 2004 - at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in Saint Louis (fuck yeah this is from a while back, before Joe and those dudes stopped coming to Lemp...) show with Voetsek and some others... They were a really fun and exciting oldschool hardcore band: fast, catchy, youth angst, and a little blood-letting... The demo is 4 songs and a crudely drawn cover of a kid whose brainseems to be exploding outta his ears. This band hasn't existed in a long time, I think some of those guys ended up in Chicago, but if you ever see something by 'em and enjoy traditional hxc, check it out. Joe Sulier, the singer of Breaks, later went on to form the Get Born! beat-inspired punk petry series in STL and on tours, involving Jim Swill from Realicide. ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08