PENIS GEYSER (3rd tape, 2007?)

Fucking hell, back again - Columbus Ohio true noisecore filth with a 3rd demo tape, from later 2007? or is this into '08?! Either way you'll be pissed if you hear it. This 3rd Penis Geyser tape offers TWICE as much as the previous one, 6 MINUTES! And it is actually a bit more to work with, sounding like it could be edited together from various recordings over a period of time, though each still only a couple seconds long of course. For fans of Gerogerigegege, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Fear of God on a really off-day... Penis Geyser is still that ritual shame of rock music, corroding away the dignity of anyone it encounters! Tape comes in a "cassingle" style paper wrap-around adorned with a drawing of Charlie Manson with a giant cock surging out of his mouth like some kinda play on the alien from that movie, Alien. ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08