M AX NOI MACH "Chaser" c20 (self-released)

M Ax Noi Mach is Rob Francisco (also of angeldust, rubbed raw) who hails from (north) philly. He was heavily involved with the amazing space the Philadelphia Athenaeum which has unfortunately been closed for a few years now. He's put out a series of 10"s, 7"s, 12"s, tapes, mixtapes, cdrs and books over the last years that are all amazing, walking a 'line' between power electronics (a line Angeldust definitely crosses), noise, party music and poetry his releases are always compelling and littered with memorable quotes, "AHHHHHHHH!" or "Don't look at me when i'm talking to you!" He also maintains a great blog with cellphone photos, poetry and occasional other detritus, American Rager which i think speaks to the same aesthetic i find so exciting in his recorded work. A mix of filth and humanity that somehow comes out bruised and beautiful, or stabbed to death in the park.

This tape is a collection of mostly heavy beats littered with minimal noise squalls atop of them. the beats are interesting because they're obviously not mined from the same library, some feel stolen/sampled while others feel like he programmed them, yet all of them come across with his figurative voice, and more often than not his actual voice. And when his voice is present it's amazing and commanding. It's in his lyrics and voice that i think it seems most important he's from (north) philly, so much of what he says sounds like overheard streetfights, or late night screaming matching if you lived above a strip bar. This tape, in particular the second side, is a lot more instrumental but in no way lacking, grimy stained jeep beats drop in and out usually as the noise parts become more prominent.

Another great release, though at 20 minutes you're forced to go through another listen, or two or three or four.

Three color screenprinted covers with clear tapes.
Available from the man himself through his website.

EDIT: Just got info that the European version of this was released by that great french label Tanzprocesz, check their internet presence here, where the tape is still available: