FUCK YEAH! I think I got this 4-way split tape back in 2006 at some point? In Columbus Ohio, where I was living at the time... Nuclear Dawn = awesome (seriously awesome!) animals rights themed brutally noisy grindcore duo from Columbus, guitar / drums / both screaming and grunting... I adore the style they play and even how it is recorded, totally lo-fi but you can hear everything really well. I love Nuclear Dawn. Look them up!!! Warhel = totally brutal crusty metal, whom I think live in a remote farm area of West Virginia(??) Songs themed around the atrocity of war, the atrocity of mainstream political systems, and a healthy level of misanthropy, maybe tied to Green Anarchism, I'm not totally sure and would wanna look them up further to avoid speculation... Dismal = rugged crusty hardcore from Columbus, more apocalyptic shit it seems. I think this band has/had(??) people from stuff like Killed in Action in it... Dismal is way D-beat if you are into that sorta thing. I get frustrated when bands choose that specific style and never stray from it though, it seems insecure / stale, but the stuff on this tape is still strong and exciting. Vomitrocity = gross and ridiculous goregrind from Columbus, with songs that are more about jokes and fun stuff I associate with the Cbus hardcore scene I saw earlier this decade when I lived over there. Vomitrocity was/is(??) people from bands like Killed In Action and Dylan who went on to Nuclear Dawn. Dylan did this tape, and I think his contact has changed since it was released. Try him at and search for these bands on MY space (so sad) or elsewhere. "IMMUNE TO MELODY"~"GRIND FOR LIFE!!!" ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08