PENIS GEYSER "a tribute to the smiths"

The first demo from Columbus Ohio TRUE noisecore creeps, Penis Geyser. If you enjoy music you will most likely hate that this tape even exists!!! It is actually a longer cassette but there is only 1 minute of audio on it. To make things more excruciating and confusing, the recording makes most other NOISECORE sound hi-fi and complex! It makes Seven Minutes of Nausea sound like Dream Theatre! The tracklist consists of an "intro." followed by "songs 1-26", each "song" determined by a nanosecond passing thought among the band during the course of the 1 minute recording that is more count-offs than anything else! I fucking love the classic prank with count-offs, a ritual of many noisecore bands such as Ptao and my ultimately beloved Final Exit! This tape will really piss you off, unless you love noisecore, in which case it will briefly remind you of that and then be over. It's from 2006 and I think the contact address on the sleeve is out-dated. ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08