NURTURE ABUSE "Carcass Parade" (Truculent)

I got this tape from Chris in Providence during a tour in 2007. It is a harsh noise tape, but coming at it from the approach of somebody who is way down with noisecore. Chris is one of the guys from Suffering Bastard btw, check them out for sure... Anyway, Nurture Abuse is bleak and wrenching, a string of many short feedback / distortion / vocal pieces on a nicely presented (this is from Truculent after all) c10 tape. Imagery and titling is very consistant and what you would expect from the project's name. It's not a common situation these days to hear a harsh noise tape that screams that its roots are in punk and grindcore, versus roots in just dicking around with random gear for no reason besides being stoned, so I was happy to listen to this one a number of times. I stop listening to it once I start to feel too much like the guy who is about to have his head chopped off on the photo inside the sleeve. I feel like when the time comes for my head to get cut off I would like to be out doing something besides typing with one finger about a tape for a webzine. Otherwise it's like the guy in Jurassic Park who got eaten by the dinosaur when he was on the toilet, you know? Anyway, look up Nurture Abuse, this tape if it is still available, and related bands such as Suffering Bastard! ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08