GOD WILLING "Different and Worse" c15 (Monorail Trespassing)

If you haven't been hipped to the sound of God Willing yet this tape is a serious trial by fire. God Willing is Ren formerly of Gang Wizard & Dynasty, a world traveler that has moved from Providence to LA, back east to nashville and now word is that he's back above the mason dixon line in philadelphia; consider it a warning. Though he comes off as a mellow dude, this tape is an unrelenting attack of god knows what, the times i have seen him live it was guitar and tone generators and it was seriously beautiful and moving.

This jam is about to cause some serious bowel movements and isn't at all approaching tonality. After an initial onslaught of heavy burning, the wall comes undone long enough to hear him rip apart whatever was happening electronics flying everywhere building back up to a wall of tantrum inducing sounds.

The second side is a straight laced scorched earth campaign, no hesitation, just grizzle piled on grizzle piled on grizzle. This side, by not coming undone in the middle gives you the pleasure of feeling out the contour of the sounds and waiting and watching the embers slow and transform into crusted over ashy tumbleweeds of rumble and bubble, there's a final gasp/blast at the end but it's almost inconsequential after the whipping you were just handed...

Always recommended.
comes in full color sleeve with minimal grainy artwork and black and white labels on the tape.

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