BONE RATTLE "SSSSSSSSSSS" c20 (Friendship Bracelet)

This tape is an easy heavy jammer, feels like being at a show in a fugged up basement, mold on the ceiling, sweat on yr vest, while yr ripping the horsehair plaster off the wall and eating it in a total jam out bliss.

Two sides of drums/electronics and voices, duo style. At times the drums and electronics are battling for supremacy: who can jump off the cliff first, who can tape a garbage bag to their head first; never a clear winner except the listener. The battles result in some great drum spasms and electronic cholesterol clogged heart attack blasts. There's also a back and forth vocal struggle, a yelping throated tug of war sometimes acting as an additional agent in the drum/electronics battle, other times acting as a vocal track on top of the instrumentation.

The second side has a bit of voiced exchange that actually surpasses the voice as third party, with some notable pitched battles played out in full. This time the voices are mixed way up front which is a real nice touch and lets you know the vocal aspects of the recording aren't taken for granted or present on the tape only because the dudes are shrieking and screaming because they can't help it.

packaged in simple black and white on orange paper, white tape with simple markings to distinguish itself.

no label website, so use yr stamps:
Friendship Bracelet
3 Beacon St.
Reading, MA

or hit up the band's myspace: